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Coming Into Focus

(2017 - a continuation)

I create work that bridges the world of photography, prints and collage. Lately, I have been exploring the realm of one’s environmental surroundings, how it is absorbed into one’s psyche and how this changes through relocations.
In these days of refuges moving from their homelands to distant places, my move from the Midwest to the West may seem trivial, but there are still feelings of dislocation and assimilation that take place.

A new environment can bring both delight and a fear of the unknown. How does one grow into feeling at home? I’m striving to visually capture the essence of my new environment while at the same time learning to understand. Add to that a landscape (the American West) that is fraught with cliché, and I find myself aspiring to bring my new home into focus, to make it my own.


Barrier Relief

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