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san andreas‘ fault

I am intrigued with parallel universes, space/time warps and other manifestations of altered, alternative realities. In these pieces, I have often used a mirror to reflect one direction in a landscape while photographing the other.

I stage my “landscapes” at the boundaries of differing scenic features such as natural/man-made, mountainous/desert, hillside/beach. In this way I am readily able to show two realities at once. In essence each image shows two points of view; I (as the documentarian) am located between these two views. Essentially, I am in the image (sandwiched between realities) yet not visible.

In some pieces I have digitally pierced the mirror to create a portal, a door, from one reality to the other. The resulting photos are then manipulated in my computer; recombined, layered, to best convey the duality of reality.