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Unity of Time and Place

Some say, all time exists at once; the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future are regarded as a whole. As always, I am vastly interested in reality… so this cohesion is mesmerizing to me.

After spending the last several years immersed in the past I am ready to embrace the future. But as I set out, the past is with me, transformed. All the losses are still there but there is a brightness forming that allows me to see the entirety, the unity of time and place.

To Time and Life

Ascendancy of Future Over Past

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Ascendancy of Past Over Future

Committed to Memory

Retracing Her Steps

They Can Walk Away

To Past and Future


Vortex of Existence


Committed to Memory, 2



A Dream Found

On The Verge

Search For Unity

In The Cold Light of Night


Influencing Memory

Coming Up For Air

Gravitational Field, One

Gravitational Field, Two

Negative Dreaming



Before the Truth

Discovering the Truth


Portal Too

Season for Gathering Memory

To Have and Have Not

Unity of Time/Place/Action

Used to Disappearing